What is KillerSales?

The Killer Sales Roadmap has been developed over the course of thirty years by Fay Kelly. It combines the best sales practices and blends them together with years of experience fixing sales teams. By implementing the Killer Sales Roadmap, your team can reach peak performance and be happy about it.

We see and we fix lots of sales teams so they bring in the numbers with less hassle. If you want more success for your sales team, perhaps we can help.

The Killer Sales Roadmap is a gold-standard sales process benchmark based on the very best sales techniques. Twenty years of experience tells us the strengths and weaknesses of all the world-class sales systems and how to fix what’s wrong.

Implementing the Killer Sales Roadmap in your team won’t just leave you with another tool to learn, and it won’t disrupt. We would coach and improve your team, evolving a better sales process from what you already have leaving you not only with better bonuses all round, but with a real business asset with which to gain ground on your competition.

Which of these applies to you?

• We don’t have a real differentiator
• It’s taking too long to close – sometimes deals sit in our pipeline for months
• Our sales forecast figures are too erratic and not meaningful for management
• We shave margins because we’re scared of losing clients/business
• We just don’t listen enough
• We make it to the shortlist final presentation but we don’t win the business
• Our hit rate on RFPs doesn’t warrant the time and money we spend on them – yet we keep doing it!
• We sometimes feel we´ve missed something, we just don’t know what
• We need help to reposition ourselves as consultants and our offering as a solution to get away from selling a commodity
• We can’t escape “beauty parades” with other agencies

If any of the above applies to you then please contact us now for answers to your questions.


Free Consultation

For one hour at no cost, our founder, Fay Kelly, will meet with you to talk through your current processes and business model.

She will help you to identify gaps, confirm growth areas, suggest improvements that do not need external resources, and share what we believe is the only way to establish a differentiator.

All you need to do is fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will be in contact with you to arrange your consultation.


What’s the process?

It begins with one of our consultants observing your team in action to discover what’s going well and where the difficulties lie. We then run a training course at your business to introduce each individual on your sales team to a strategy and personal skill-set that moves them up a couple of gears – fast. Believing that behaviour takes time to change, the final stage involves us sitting in with your salespeople, supervising for as long as it takes to make sure that everything taught becomes second nature.

The “Ah-ha” moments are many, the individual glories frequent, the team’s confidence elevated.


Competitive advantage

We believe your sales process should give you an advantage over the competition.  The ONLY way to stand out in a global market is the way you sell.  We make sure that your sales process is a key market differentiator.


Ongoing coaching

Most value is delivered through unlimited access to my coaching advice for the duration of my contract. I don’t watch the clock. This may take the form of email or telephone correspondence. Even more beneficial is virtual coaching.

Today, technology allows me to conduct face-to-face video coaching (e.g. Skype, FaceTime etc.). This has 4 main benefits:

  1. For my client it`s a fraction of the cost of having me travel to their office yet the value remains the same.
  2. I’m able to create a virtual classroom so that I can observe my students’ body language and physical attitude, both of which contribute hugely to successful sales conversations, without the need for us to be physically in the same place.
  3. This can take place literally at a moment’s notice.
  4. I can maintain rapport with my team members and build a trusting yet friendly relationship which is hard using email and/or the telephone exclusively. This is important when you are working as a team member.


Who developed the Killer Sales Roadmap?

I’m Fay Kelly. I’ve developed the Killer Sales Roadmap over thirty years. It combines the best of the best sales practices with years of experience fixing sales teams. By implementing the Killer Sales Roadmap, sales teams can reach peak performance and be happy about it.

My objective is to harmonise sales methods by acknowledging the value of what’s good, discovering what’s weak, and upgrading your sales process to use the very best practice where it matters, then supervising its use until your sales people are expert.

Often working with a company’s Sales Director, I provide a sales-process framework the sales team can understand and accept because it’s an improvement on what’s already there.

For further information, please view my LinkedIn profile or view the testimonials.


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