We see and we fix lots of sales teams so they bring in the numbers with less hassle. If you want more success for your sales team, we can help. Twenty years of experience tells us the strengths and weaknesses of all the world-class sales systems and how to fix what’s wrong.

Implementing the Killer Sales Roadmap in your team won’t just leave you with another tool to learn, and it won’t disrupt. We would coach and improve your team, evolving a better sales process from what you already have leaving you not only with better bonuses all round, but with a real business asset with which to gain ground on your competition.

Read the testimonials below for proof and contact us today to see results fast.

Gehan Talwatte CEO – Ascend Worldwide Ltd.

ascend“Fay is more than a business associate, she is a friend and team member. Her commitment to her clients’ success underpins everything she teaches. I have been responsible for the growth and profitability and subsequent sale of several organisations. I ‘take’ Fay into each new organisation as her contribution is, literally, measurable and in my business that counts. We met in ’98 and long may our association continue.”

The aviation industry relies on Ascend for the most reliable and up-to-date information and insight available. For almost five decades, Ascend’s international team of experts has delivered independent and trusted advice to help companies achieve results and drive profitable performance.


Luke Taylor LBi International AB. Global

unicorn-roundel-150x150“We needed a concerted focus on business development, not just to drive new business but to grow existing accounts and profitability. Fay influenced our people and helped me to lay some crucial strategic foundations. From the early days of Oyster to our current global footprint as LBi – Fay is part of our evolution.”

LBi is a vertically integrated digital agency (part of Publicis Groupe) with innovation at its heart and management teams in each market whose understanding of digital surpasses that of perhaps any other company.


John L’Ecuyer Head of US Sales – Smart Analyst Inc. New York

smart-analyst-squarelogo-1412284345972“Fay is one of the best sales process consultants I have worked with. Everyone talks about “client-centric” techniques and approaches, but Fay gave me a practical and invaluable roadmap that cuts down on cycle time and increases win rates. Her approach and down-to-earth advice gave me the tools and language I needed to improve our engagement with our clients – to understand the client’s decision process, and to get to the core of their business needs.”


Rob Lewis Senior Director – Mission Performance. United Kingdom

missionperformance-150x150“Within the first week of engagement Fay identified that we had been selling to the wrong market, helped us redesign our value proposition and consequently our marketing collateral, taught us how to sell and in the middle of the training programme I closed a contract for 30% more than I thought possible simply by applying Fay’s principles. All this with a client who would never have considered us as a suitable provider before.”

Mission Performance is a business consultancy specialising in transfering the leadership and team working lessons and skills from extreme events and operations to teams in business as well as personal and professional development.


Adrian Walford Head – EuropeSmart Analyst UK Ltd. London

smart-analyst-squarelogo-1412284345972“I was introduced to Fay Kelly through a mutual work colleague. I worked with Fay over a period of time with the sole intention of improving my sales knowledge and increasing the probability of closing deals. Fay’s approach to sales was well structured and thought out.  Gone were the typical techniques learnt straight out of sales school and I was faced with a strong emphasis on linguistics and drilling down to the real key aspect of any engagement. Fay’s style and process were very thorough, supportive and logical. Through learning specific language and personalising it, I was better able to counter the reality of the sales engagement. My ability to cut through the “fluff” of client discussions quickly and get to the nub of the issue and in doing so identify the resources needed, the budget required and the critical financial persons involved, was much improved. My sales increased multi-fold and the effort-sales ratio changed for the better. I would thoroughly recommend Fay from both a personal and professional stance.”

Smart Analyst consultants’ scientific and deep market expertise drive disease strategy, asset commercialization, market development, and portfolio management decisions for their clients in Life Science and Consumer Healthcare.


Sebastian Crawshaw Chairman – OATS Ltd. United Kingdom


oats1“Companies our size don’t usually have time or money for consultants so the fact that we engaged Fay in 2008 and are still working together, speaks volumes.  I should mention, our sales growth during the last 2 years is 50% (during a minor recession ! 2010-1011 ).
Her contributions to our success are varied and numerous – I’d be delighted to list them if you want to contact me through Fay.”

OATS, the lubricants database expert, helps leading lubricants companies to streamline their marketing and technical support.

Vytas Kisielius CEO – CMC, developers of FlexCollect®


screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-22-44-10“Fay Kelly is a steady, experienced hand who can not only explain a more rational and consistent sales process to the team but who also proved exceptionally capable at training our sales team on each individual step and technique they need to implement and “own” the new process. I recommend her services most highly.”

Lending is risky – the borrower might not be able to pay back for all kinds of reasons. CMC works with lenders such as credit card companies and banks to make sure the debt is repaid without huge costs to them and, importantly, to maintain a trusting relationship with their customer. CMC – formidable new technology furthering the traditional values that customers really care about.